Sessions with Travis Herche

For ten years, I was one of the most decorated and recognized high school debate coaches in America. I worked with tens of thousands of students, scores of whom won national championships. I innovated a 5-step correction process to help identify the immediate next step to improve and published two books. My techniques are now considered standard to national-level coaches all over the country. Many coaches – advertently or otherwise – indoctrinate their clients in a specific worldview and way of thinking. They punish serious questions and critical thinking, instead offering cookie-cutter answers. I stand not just as an alternative, but an opponent of that style.

My dream is that you leap-frog past me to an even better grasp of the truth. You’re not here to become another Travis; you need to become the best version of your own unique, vibrant self. I’ll teach you to think in new ways; to identify your own strengths; how to become an emotionally healthy self-generating person.Book a time that works for you using my automated booking system. Then log on to the free calling app Skype 5 minutes before the session and wait for my call. You don’t even need a webcam.

You can meet as often or as little as you like. Most clients meet with me once a week. At the end of the first session, I’ll give you some advice on a schedule that meets your needs and budget.

I charge 90 cents/minute and offer a variety of session lengths. Much of your life is probably governed by “social scripts” – invisible narratives that tell you how to think, feel, dress, love, and even walk. Some of those scripts might work for you; others don’t. Either way, they’re dangerous if they’re invisible. I’ll help you identify which scripts are informing your choices and decide what’s really important to you.Working on a critical college essay? Outlining your next screenplay? Putting the finishing touches on some non-fiction? Email me what you have so far, and I’ll review it before the session. Since I’m a coach instead of an editor or publisher, I’ll never compete with you for creative control. Instead, we’ll dive into practical steps to help you achieve your vision.

You’re pondering the big questions, like: what will happen when I die? What is my purpose? Am I living correctly? Do I really believe what I’m saying, or is it just what I was raised to believe?

Most counsel you seek on these questions will fall into two categories. Either your mentor won’t care about the answers, or – more likely – they’ll try to convert you to their pattern of thinking.

Everyone’s spiritual journeys are different. I offer coaching that helps you explore these questions in a thoughtful, rational way and find the answer that is best for you. For most people, that won’t be my religion. You’ll need to find your own answers; and you can tap into my expertise to help you do that.Note: I do not coach forensic speech & debate.

The word “argue” is usually synonmyous with “pointless bickering.” Changing your mind when presented with new information is a learned skill. So is convincing someone that adopt a new opinion when they’re already emotionally invested. I can help you explore political topics to bolster your own understanding of the issues. If you’re tired of shouting matches that end worse than they started, I can help with that too. Learn how to keep conversation civil; how to identify the real reasons someone is attached to an issue; how to gently steer them somewhere new; when to avoid debate completely.

I can also help you prepare for difficult conversations, like asking your friend to pay back a loan or coming out to your parents. I have worked with many people in the full range of magickal practice, from healing to wealth to love to protection. I can help you find the magickal system that maximizes your results, and even craft spells for your unique situation. You’ll finish the session with a better understanding of yourself and empowered to dive back into your own practice. I can also help if you’re not a practitioner but want to understand the occult better.I offer detailed intuitive tarot readings using the Night Sun deck. If you’d like a reading, think carefully about what question or questions you’d like to ask the cards before the session begins. I’ll create a custom spread of cards to create the most personalized answer possible.