Online Coaching

All times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

Coaching times have changed! Evening coaching is now available.

What do you coach?

I work primarily with speakers and writers. I work with academic speakers of all kinds (Team Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Parliamentary, Town Hall, etc), speech types (interp, limited prep, platform, etc) and leagues (NSDA, NCFL, NCFCA, Stoa, CCA, GGSA, etc). I also coach acting and writing. If you’re working on a monologue for an audition, practicing a wedding toast, or outlining your next novel, I can help you. Learn about life coaching here.

Why should I trust you?

Because I offer the best online debate coaching in the world, and I’m pretty great in my other fields too. I can say that with confidence for two reasons: first, I invented this profession. I am the first coach to make a living by coaching competitive speaking online. Second, I’ve been doing this for years and I have hundreds of satisfied clients all over the country. A few have been kind enough to share their success stories with me; take a look!

How much does coaching cost?

$44 per hour. Longer sessions are slightly cheaper. Save by buying sessions four-at-a-time in month packages.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is an internet connection and a microphone, and the free networking program Skype. If you’re doing a memorized speech event with me, you’ll need a webcam as well. Schedule a time that works for you, log on 5 minutes before the session, and wait for my call. If you have a case or script ready, we can get started with that. If not, don’t worry! There’s plenty to do that doesn’t require it. Some of my clients get started before the upcoming resolution is even announced.

What is a session like?

The beauty of online coaching is that it is personal. Sessions are different for everyone. They are always highly interactive. Sometimes, the client does more talking than I do! A typical two-hour debate session emphasizes bringing your cases and theory understanding to a high level, then developing your persuasive ability to speak directly to the mind of a judge. A one-hour speech session involves the performance of a speech followed by critiques and practice. I have a system for bringing anyone to the next level, but I love it when clients ask questions. Some follow my lead; others start the session by giving me a forecast of what they want to go over. Either way works great!

The appointment system says Phone; can we use Skype instead?

Yes. The booking system I use doesn’t let me display a Skype option. It’ll say Phone, but all of my sessions are conducted via Skype.

Are sessions worthwhile for novices?

Yes! You shouldn’t feel like you need experience before you work with me. Most competitors endure years of frustration because they don’t have good answers to critical questions. They develop crutches that get them through rounds – and then have to unlearn those crutches and learn better approaches. I offer the premium novice experience: the right answers to any question, presented at your own pace in a manner that has carried dozens of other novices to incredible success in their first year. My novice clients regularly qualify for and even place at national tournaments. Accelerate your learning curve!

Are sessions worthwhile for experienced speakers?

Most of my clients have several years of experience. They come to me because they’ve hit a win rate of around 65%. No matter how hard they work or what strategies they try, they can’t consistently perform better. I can take your speaking to the next level and unlock a professional level win rate of 80% or higher. My advanced strategies have been studied for years and have carried many to national championships. Get the edge you need to succeed!

Do you work with coaches?

Absolutely! I’ve trained student mentors, head coaches, and even a few professionals. Borrowing my experience will bring out the super-coach within you. Learn the five-step correction process for coaching events; learn how to find things to improve in scripts and cases; get guidance on how to get the most of your club meets. Your kids will thank you for it!

Do you charge extra if there are multiple people in the call?

No. You’re free to invite anyone to your sessions for no extra charge. They can be added to the call from home or they can join you in person. That goes for debate partners, club mates, friends, clowns … you name it. I love extra people! I consider them referrals for my business.

I want to Skype you in for a lecture with my club or workshop. How does that work?

Hook the computer you’ll be using to some powerful speakers and a projector. It’s a good idea to test your equipment before the session. Keep one person next to the computer. This person will indicate raised hands by typing a “?” in the chat box. I’ve done lectures for very large groups without a hitch. As long as your equipment is working well, you should be happy with the result. Don’t forget to let me know what the lecture topic will be in the comments section when you book the session. I usually email event organizers beforehand to make sure we’re both on the same page.

What if I want to fly you out for my event?

If you’d like me for more than a single lecture, email me! I’ll work with you to find a schedule and budget that works for you. I can adapt to any size group, work well with other coaches, and am perfectly happy with host housing. Learn more here.

What’s your reschedule/refund policy?

If you notify me early enough, I’ll try to offer you other times that I can meet with you. However, I do not guarantee that I can find another time or that I will offer make-up times for missed sessions. Sessions are pre-paid because you are reserving my availability for the time you select. Whether or not you show up, I’m giving that time to you – time I could have spent with a different client. Thus I reserve personal discretion for rescheduling and do not offer refunds. Don’t let that frighten you, though. I want you to be a happy customer. I understand that life is unpredictable. Email me and I’ll do my best to find something that works for us both.

What kind of worldview do you teach?

My job is not indoctrination; quite the opposite. My job is to help my clients better understand and defend what they believe and to develop their skill in honestly pursuing the truth. I am perfectly happy if my clients don’t agree with me. I am a Christian, and that does impact the kind of advice I offer and the perspectives with which I am most familiar. However, I am proud to work with people of different worldviews. I hope that by training you better to think, we can both learn from each other. That’s what debate is all about.

Will you discuss my cases with anyone else?

No way! Everything we do in sessions is confidential; I won’t share or discuss it with anyone without your permission. Because I’m a free agent, I have no club/school loyalties conflicting with my job. I am committed to helping you maintain secrecy. I do reserve the right to talk about you anonymously after the season ends so others can learn from what you did well. I may even ask your permission to republish your old cases!

When should we start?

As soon as possible. Every year, I meet a few brand new client who waited until the last few weeks before the national tournament. I help them as much as I can, but the bottom line is that my hands are tied by then because it’s too late to make significant changes. They’ll usually tell me at nationals that they want to get started right away the following year. If you work with me before you have a deadline breathing down your neck, you’ll be a lot happier with the results. Don’t wait.

How regularly should we meet?  

You have complete control over how often you want to meet. Most clients will do one session per week: one hour for speech, or two hours for debate. Try to develop a regular schedule so we can establish a strong coaching relationship. The more consistently we meet, the better – so for example, it’s better to do an hour every week than two hours every other week. Many clients work with me for several years and are rewarded with a strong coaching relationship and life-changing personal growth. Email me if you’d like me to help you build a schedule, or if you have any other questions.