Earn High School Credit with Speech & Debate Class

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Today, I’m excited to announce a new product for homeschoolers and independent learners. This 15-session class offers a structured tour through debate and all three speech disciplines. End the class by attending a tournament, taking a final exam, and receiving a letter grade for your half credit. Take the class yourself, or share the class and cost with your partner.

As always, you can pick session times that work for you and the content of the class will be adapted for your skill and experience level. To see the complete syllabus, click here.

Speech & Debate class is not for everyone. Taking a class means you get a structured learning experience¬†and high school credit, but you don’t get to decide what’s covered in each session and you have less control over the schedule. You may be better off booking sessions one at a time or in normal packages.

The class is available now for $1070. To register, just head to the automated booking system and click the Online Store tab.

If you came here because you’re a public or private school teacher and you’d like to Skype me into your classes, check out the 45-minute session on booking system.